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Zero carbon footprint tank

Green not only in appearance, but also literally.

An ordinary plastic tank that is made of recycled plastic material.

50 Plastove Potrubi Na Zakazku Norsko
49 Potrubi Z Plastu Na Miru Norsko

Atypical realization - Norway

Completion of custom plastic pipe manufacturing for a Norwegian company

Custom made plastic piping - Norway

Custom made piping in atypical solution to Norway

Industrial and custom manufacturing of a plastic tank bound for Norway

68 Vyroba Plastovych Nadrzi Na Miru
67 Vodni Nadrze Ze Svetleho Plastu

Atypical realizations

Custom system of three liquid tanks

For more than 30 years, Kellner has been manufacturing custom plastic piping and tanks

We can custom build any size tank for liquid and bulk materials

In our halls we are able to manufacture pipes and tanks for domestic use, but also for industrial applications

53 Zakazkove Plastove Nadrze Indonesie
52 Zakazkove Plastove Nadrze Indonesie

Aboveground tanks - implementation Indonesia

We can handle the production of plastic tanks of different heights and widths.

Tanks can serve well as water accumulators.

We have shipped custom plastic tanks of larger sizes as far as Indonesia.

63 Nadzemni Nadrze Z Plastu Na Miru
64 Nadzemni Nadrze Z Plastu Na Miru

Aboveground tanks

We are a long-established manufacturer of plastic pipes and plastic tanks for water, liquids and other bulk materials.

We can manufacture almost snow-white plastic tanks to the client's exact specifications.

We are also happy to supply additional components for above-ground tanks, especially plastic piping to connect their parts.

47 Plastova Nadrz Na Zakazku
13 Hranate Samonosne Nadzemni Nadrze

Aboveground tanks - Veolia realization (Belgium)

On request, we can produce any plastic tank, completely tailored to the client's requirements.

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we have no problem with atypical or more complex plastic tanks.

62 Podzemni Plastova Nadrz
60 Podzemni Plastova Nadrz

Underground tanks

In addition to above-ground tanks, Kellner is also a manufacturer of custom-made underground plastic tanks.

Some of the square underground plastic tanks manufactured by Kellner require concreting.

56 Zachytna Vana Pro Technologii

Containment basin for technology

Used to catch escaping hazardous liquids