Underground tanks

Cylindrical - self-supporting
Cylindrical - non-self-supporting
Rectangular - self-supporting
Rectangular - non-self-supporting

Self-supporting or non-self-supporting plastic tanks?

Non-self-supporting plastic tanks must always be set into concrete to ensure the necessary strength and service life. Such a tank can also be installed under areas with vehicle traffic.

By contrast, self-supporting plastic tanks are designed to be placed underground without being set into concrete – they are only covered with soil. However, they must always be mounted on a solid concrete foundation.

Why rely on our plastic tanks?

KELLNER CZ plastic tanks are characterized not only by their long service life but also by their high chemical resistance, allowing them to be used to store aggressive substances, provided you adhere to the chemical resistance specifications and do not use combustibles or liquids with oxidizing agents.

We offer tailored customization for all plastic tanks, such as additional technological partitions and pipe connections, depending on your specific needs. The tank dimensions are equally variable.