Septic tanks

Cylindrical - self-supporting
Rectangular - self-supporting

The septic tank is an effective way of dealing with wastewater, and in addition to waste retention it also allows partial water cleaning and draining. KELLNER CZ plastic self-supporting septic tanks are made of polypropylene and are mounted underground. Thanks to their self-supporting construction, they do not need to be set into concrete. The septic tank is mounted on a flat concrete foundation and covered with soil.

However, if a septic tank is placed below an area with vehicle traffic or there is a higher than usual water table, we recommend it be set into concrete.

Advantages of KELLNER CZ septic tanks

Low weight, high chemical resistance and long service life are achieved thanks to the material used.

The self-supporting construction is a guarantee of easy assembly. Self-supporting septic tanks can be tailored to your needs. In addition to dimensional variability, we can add partitions or pipe connections, or interconnect several tanks.